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New collections will be launched soon..
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Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile


I'm Simone Falli, a Tuscan weaver born in 1988.From an early age I have shown interest in creative and manual works, experimenting over the years various techniques ranging from screenprintingto the restoration, finally arriving at manual weaving.I learned this craft from my uncle who I worked with for years and,urged by the need to express myself through weaving and fascinated by the infinite creative possibilities offered by the manual loom, I decided to create the brand:Leisure Small Textile Studio.


Everything takes shape in Certaldo, in Tuscany, in the country house where I live, in a room forhalf living room and half laboratory: a place for recreation and conviviality, but also a space for work and experimentation. So I start by designing a manual wooden loom that allows me to create fabrics with a dynamic and geometric design; I create the parts, thanks to the help of a carpenter friend, I assemble them and finally my project can materialize. All that remains is to choose the right yarns, the natural ones, such as merino wool, bright and soft or alpaca wool, light, warm and durable over time, but also cotton and linen, sustainable, fresh and ecological fibers.


The taste for simple and essential things and an eco-sustainable ethics influence my creations and all thiswhich revolves around it, because Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile is not just my job, but it's how I chose to live: in the countryside, surrounded by nature, and working with passion.