Handmade in Tuscany

Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile was born from an idea of ​​Simone Falli, a Tuscan weaver born in 1988. After working for years in the family workshop, where he learned the basics of the trade, he decided to found his own brand. Thus he begins by designing and building a manual wooden loom that allows him to create fabrics with a refined design: in September 2019 his project takes shape.
He immediately made the choice to use only fibers of natural origin for his creations, he also decided to diversify the offer by creating fabrics to be used in small collections of accessories for both the person and the furniture.

Making a craft that has its roots in tradition contemporary leads him to refine a simple and essential taste, giving life to fabrics with a minimal design, worked on a manual loom, mainly in twill and canvas, exploiting some of their variations. Attention to detail, thoughtful presentation and sustainable ethics are integral to his work.


  • 2021

    In 2021 Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile won the Blogs & Crafts tender, organized by the World Craft Council Europe, for participation in Artigianato e Palazzo, and in the same year was selected by the Homo Faber Guide and the WellMade platform.

  • 2022

    In 2022 he won the 20>40 contest of the Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte with a project entitled "Elsa", dedicated to the area where he lives, and in September he won the first "Giorgiana Corsini" prize awarded by the Promoting Committee of Artigianato e Palazzo.

Simone in his studio

In the heart of the Tuscan countryside between Siena and Florence is the laboratory house where he lives and works, here he creates his fabrics on a manual wooden loom.