Manifesto e philosophy

In hand weaving today, we find the link between past and future, between near and far.

The weave of the ancient in the fabric of the future

Every movement in weaving on the loom carries centuries of tradition and artisanal wisdom. In manual weaving, we rediscover the very essence of creation, intertwining warp and weft to create a bridge to a sustainable and authentic future.

Sustainability as a way of life

From daily practices passed down through family education, to the careful selection of materials and suppliers, to the choice of having an entirely plastic-free production cycle, my commitment is to a more beautiful and cleaner world through a lifestyle and truly responsible productions.

The art of collaboration

I strongly believe that collaboration is the best and fastest way to grow, both as individuals and as artisans. Through partnerships with people from various sectors, from designers to packaging suppliers, I weave a network of connections that enriches my work and continually pushes me to challenge myself.

From the heart of Tuscany, collections inspired by the world

My interest in distant cultures has always driven me to observe the unique ways in which each people creates both everyday objects and works of art. From these sources, I draw inspiration for the shapes and textures that make up my work, striving to create a universal dialogue between cultures and traditions.

Research as a way of life

The pleasure of studying new techniques, discovering different methods of working, and expanding my knowledge is the engine that fuels my passion. Continuous research is the foundation on which I have always envisioned Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile, my work, and my passion.